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Thread: First solid food...

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    First solid food...


    What was the first solid food your baby ate?

    Here's mine:
    My oldest son ate saltine crackers when he was 8 months. My 2nd son ate mashed potato when he was 6 months. I have a totally different experience with my two boys in regards with eating solid food, my oldest refused to eat anything until he was ready and that was with saltine crackers. The young one gave no problem at all because he would just eat everything you gave him.
    But I noticed to both of them, they don't want Gerber products.

    Share yours. And some recipes that could be helpful to mums out there reading this and maybe just starting to introduce solids to their babies.

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    Well, let's see... With my first child she began eating solids at around four months old. She ate baby cereal at the time. Honestly, I think she was probably a bit too young to begin eating and we probably could have done without the baby cereal all together, but at the time that is what was recommended and I didn't know any better.

    With baby number 2 I believe strained veggies were the first food. He started to eat regularly around 8 or 9 months of age. He had only fruits and vegetables until he was one and he was not as into eating as my first. Some days he didn't want anything but milk. He developed into a great eater, always trying new things, it just took him a while to get there.

    Baby number 3 started out simply eating small portions of whatever was on my plate. To be honest, I believe his first meal was salad. He did not have baby food at all and he began eating around 6 months.

    Baby number 4 had only breastmilk until around seven months. Her first food was an avocado, second was bananas. Within the first or second week she began eating small portions of what everyone else was eating.

    Really, most babies do not need the prepackaged baby food you find in stores. And when left to their own devices, they will begin giving clues, like reaching for food on your plate when they are ready to start eating. There is no rush as long as they are taking in plenty of formula and breast milk. You can give them small pieces of soft foods like bananas, avocados, baked apples and cheese. The more teeth they develop and the older they get, the more you can try. Even coarser foods like meats, celery and carrots can be run through a food processor with a bit of water, formula or breast milk to quickly create homemade baby food.

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    First, thanks for sharing your story on how your babies started eating solids. Babies do have different appetite for something and their own way to tell that they are ready for solid foods.

    For us mums, It is really in our hands on what to give to our little ones just make sure it is healthy foods.

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