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    Bleeding after getting a postive result of Pregnancy


    I am Nilan. I am having a problem regarding my pregnancy. So I am worried about it.

    I had my last period on 25th December 2016. After that I missed my period on 25th of January 2017. So i took a Pregnancy Test at home only. I took the Home Pregnancy Test on 4th February 2017. The result was positive.

    But now the problem is that on 6th of February evening I am bleeding little little. The blood was not red. I am not bleeding like a normally I do during periods. But Tiny clots looks like nerves coming out.

    Can any body help me out.
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    I had bleeding after I found out I was having my son in 08 and during the pregnancy and went to 38/4 and he was born a helthy 10lb1.

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    brown blood is none of the concern...

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