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    calmoseptine or desitin?

    Hello there everybody!

    I have noticed some redness on the bottom of my 1-year-old son probably from his nappies. Which of these two would you suggest? Calmoseptine or Desitin?

    Please suggest any insights on this. Or if you have any products you could like to suggest.


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    When this happens to my son we put some Zinc Oxide cream on him (which acts as a barrier) ad also allow him more time with the nappy off each day and this tends to sort it out quickly. I understand both of these creams contain Zinc Oxide so they should both do the job.

    I don't know if this helps,


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    I agree with LJ, a cream with zinc oxide should be helpful. Something else that can help is a cream that has calendula in it. I use Hyland's Calendula Ointment.

    There's another product which is very good and has soothing ingredients in it called A'Kin PureBaby Protective Bottom Balm which you may want to try.

    So lots of options here, and I agree with LJ, if you can air his bottom out as much as possible by letting him go without a nappy that should help with the healing. If you find your child gets rashes just from his urine, it could mean that the urine is too acid and giving him foods that are more alkaline could help to resolve this.

    Warm Regards,


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    Thanks LJ and Kate.

    I have used Zinc Oxide, i think it is just plain Zinc Oxide.and I had a hard taking the cream off the skin.

    Is calendula herb? it must work better than chemical-made cream.

    I never knew that rashes may result from acidity in the urine. Thanks for that information.

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    Hi proudmumof2boys,

    Whenever I have used Zinc Oxide on my son I have not tried to take it off - I've just left it on there and eventually it goes on its own.

    Calendula is a homoeopathic cream - yes it is derived from a herb.

    Best wishes,


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    Take a look at this page. It has lots of natural baby care products, including a nappy cream for nappy rashes.

    If the zinc oxide cream doesn't seem to go away on it's own, and you'd like to wipe it off, try rubbing your baby's bottom with oil (olive oil or almond oil are good) and then add the zinc oxide. I don't know how easily the zinc oxide will go on after you put the oil on, but you can try. I do know that that oil is very soothing to the skin and also makes it much easier to get "sticky stuff" off the skin. It's perfect to rub on baby's bottom when they are newborns and having meconium "tar-like" bowel movements which are dark and really sticky. The oil makes it much easier to wipe the meconium off the skin.

    Post back and let me know if the oil works or not.

    Warm regards,


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    Great tip Kate!

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    Thanks for your responses, LJ and Kate.

    To Kate, your suggestions about the oil makes sense, as we use oil to remove the gum that has gotten to our hair. That was something I never thought doing, sometimes what was our parents did for us when we were kids don't come that easily unless someone would remind us. I might be growing old fast, (well, i am in my 30's) and some time, needs some reminder to do things right and improve to be better.

    Thank you for being such a reminder. And also the suggestions both of you have shared.

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