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    My boy has LESS INTEREST to toys.. Is it normal?

    Hello All Mummies!

    I noticed that my 15mos. old son is not that interested to all the toys I bought for him.... like toy cars, robots, balls (for basketball) and etc. He only played it once or twice but after that, he don't want to play it anymore. But he loves to play anything that is inside our house like things in the kitchen, our chairs, things in the laundry area and those dvd's that he usually watch like baby-einstein, nursery rhymes and etc... Can I ask for any suggestions or advise why my son has no interest in some toys? Is there something wrong or is it normal? Thank you so much in advance


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    Hi Ays,

    Often what I find with my toddler, and my friends toddlers, is that they love to make toys out of household objects. My son would much rather investigate a chair or a door or some pans from the kitchen rather than playing with his 'toys'. At this age, children want to explore the world and touch everything new and find out how it works. If your son has this attitude (and seems generally happy) then I would not be concerned that he prefers to play with other objects than the toys you bought him.

    My son also really enjoys being read to. How about your little boy? He loves turning the pages and pointing out the characters. At the moment, his favourite book is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar'. Developmental experts recommend parents enjoy reading at least two books a day with their children. For us, this is often the best part of every day.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi LJ,

    I'm glad to know that my son's action is just normal,,,, thank you so much for letting me know that your kids loves to play some household things as well

    I am also trying to read him some book, those with animal pictures or colorful places,, but he just always grabbed the book and he's the one who's going to turn every single page.... That's why most of the time, I just let him watch his educational dvd's - about ABC, shapes, numbers etc,,, and he really love watching it. He's really serious the way he looked at the tv

    Thanks again LJ to your response regarding my concern...


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    As LJ said, this sounds pretty normal to me. I am on baby 4 and at this age all of mine were more interested in their environment then there toys. It is not bad to buy toys, they are great for stimulation, but babies do not always take interest in them right away.

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    Laura Jane had some very good insight that I wholeheartedly agree with. I had a nephew who, at a very young age (before he was 2) would get pots and pans out of the cabinet. He was fascinated with the lids, and he would actually get all the lids spinning at one time. It was amazing to watch.

    As long as the items don't have sharp edges and can't hurt your child, I'd encourage them to explore and learn from every day items around the house. It's much less expensive than investing in toys, and, as you've found, toys often don't keep a child's interest for very long.

    One other suggestion I'd like to make is that as your child grows (and your supply of toys grows because your son will receive gifts from others) one of the best ways to keep the toys interesting is to rotate them. If you find that your child is no longer playing much with certain toys, put them away for a few months. If you get them back out a few months later, they will be like "new" to him again. You can rotate toys all the time, and it becomes easier to do as your toy collection grows. Also keeps clutter down because most toys will be stored until you're ready to rotate them in.

    Keep up the reading, and educational videos are a super choice over cartoons or other TV programs. We didn't allow our children to watch any cartoons and they never developed an appetite for them. They did, however, love Barney, Reading Rainbow, Zaboomafoo and Mr. Rogers and they still watch some of these even though they're older.

    Warm Regards,


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