Hello All,

I have another concern regarding my son's action. My parents and I noticed that my son started "hitting somebody's head", I think after his birthday (he's 15months old now). Every time he saw someone in the bed, he will start hitting that person or pull that someone's hair. He also did that to me more than twice, every time he saw me sleeping. One day he hit me in the head using the remote control or sometimes his feeding bottle - and it really hurts! I was very angry actually that time, and every time I saw him doing it to other person, I'm always trying to tell him "No that's bad!", but he keep doing it. My grandma (my mum's mum) told me to let him do it because he still didn't know what is that about,,, but I think that's not right and need to be correct while he's still young. I don't want to let him think until he grow up that hitting someone is just fine.

Can anyone help me about my situation on how to handle my son? Thank you so much!