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Thread: Help! Is Tetanus Toxoid safe for the baby I'm carrying?

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    Help! Is Tetanus Toxoid safe for the baby I'm carrying?

    My OB-GYN gave me a Tetanus Toxoid shot. I was hesitant to have it but she said it's like a 'protein' for the baby. Is it true? Will it not harm the baby inside? I'm scared my baby might have defects. Enlighten me.


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    Hello Mediea,

    According to the World Health Organization, the tetanus toxoid injection should be given to pregnant women when the benefits outweigh the risks. The immunization is passed to the baby, protecting them from neonatal infection.

    I do not know what the doctor meant about it being like a "protein" but it seems to be a relatively common practice in many parts of the world to give women this booster during pregnancy. I would not worry too much about the baby, odds are that he or she will be just fine. Clearly your OB thought you or baby were at risk for tetanus and recommended the shot for protection.


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    Thank you for that enlightenment Angela.

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