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    How to prevent diabetes during pregnancy?

    Hi everyone!

    I know once you are pregnant, you are at risk of increasing your sugar levels. But how do we prevent diabetes when you are pregnant? Does it have any implications on child birth?

    Thanks and regards,

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    Hi Angelica,

    Women with high blood sugar and/or gestational diabetes tend to have bigger babies, and just the size of the baby alone can cause complications in child birth and I'm sure there are many others.

    One way to prevent diabetes during pregnancy is to exercise every day (even if it's just taking a 30 minute walk), avoid any processed sugar and simple carbohydrates like products made with white flour, pasta, white rice, etc. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables (or if you're tending towards high blood sugar, eat more vegetables and less fruit) and stay away from fruit juices.

    One thing that can help is planning for your pregnancy and starting a preconception care program 3-4 months before you get pregnant.

    Here's a good article that explains the benefit of Eating Organic Food When Pregnant and Breastfeeding. You'll also find some recipes on that page that will help you stay healthy during your pregnancy so you can give birth to the healthiest baby possible.

    Warm Regards,


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    I am 22 weeks pregnant now and recently had an annual check up in our office. The resident doctor told me that in my urinalysis, there was a +1 on my sugar level. I was scared because I am aware that most women are at risk of gestational diabetes when pregnant. So I went to the hospital the netx day to see my OB, she requested for another urinalysis, and the results were normal. She said that it might be the food/drinks that I took before taking the urinalysis in the office. What can I do, quite confused and scared of the odds to meet. Any advise would help. thanks!

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    I could very well have been the food or drink you had taken prior to having your blood work done. I wouldn't be concerned as it's very common for blood sugar levels to rise during pregnancy, and your last test was normal.

    But I would also encourage you to avoid sweets like cookies, candy, pastries, as much as possible during your pregnancy. Grab an apple or a pear or dive into a Papaya or Pineapple if you want something sweet. These things will be healthier for you and your baby than eating processed, sugary foods. Eat as many vegetables, tomatoes, avocados, greens as you want and if you're really concerned about the blood sugar going up, limit your fruit and juice intake.

    Let me know what you think of these ideas. How is your weight?

    Warm Regards,


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    Oh yes, I remember I drank lemonade that morning and was not able to drink a lot of water. Now I think that's the reason why I had sugar +1 in my test. Thanks for the wonderful ideas above, I really think that I should refrain from sweets now that I'm half-way on my pregnancy. Sometimes, I just really can't endure that cravings... But will do my best.
    I'm not sure but as far as I remember from last month I'm at 140lbs. Thanks Kate!

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    I didn't ask your height, which would make a difference, but sounds like you're weight is fine, especially if the doctor isn't concerned.

    The more sweets you eat during this last half of your pregnancy, the higher the chances of baby being larger. You'll probably be fine, but do keep that in mind - if you'd like to try for a baby that's on the "smaller" end, then refraining from sweets can help


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    you're right, that's one of my concerns as early as now. I want to have a normal delivery so I really need to keep my weight and my baby's weight just right. Thanks for reminding me Kate.

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    Hello Kate,

    Thank you for getting back at me, this had been very helpful. I never thought that being pregnant can be too tough. I don't get to exercise regularly and I don't eat organic food. But I guess I have to do this and do that for my baby. I wish though there are shortcuts


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    Hi there
    I am 28 weeks pregnant last week i did the GTT(glucose Tolerance Test) and its high for me and my Midwife told me i have to go for a diet.for the past one month i wasn't eating much vegetables, only meat especially goat meat and have been eating lots of biscuits and had craving for raw rice. Does these things lead to high blood sugar????

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    The most important thing is to monitor blood sugar level very closely and be strict about diet. Work with your doctor and plan a diet that is just right for you and your baby. Walking is great exercise when you're pregnant. Have routine check ups with your doctor and ensure everything is going just right.

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    Hi Rashmi,

    The rice and biscuits definitely contribute to high blood sugar. There are some things you can do to reduce your cravings for these things.

    1. White rice and biscuits convert to simple sugars in the body, so when you start to crave them reach for a piece of fresh fruit instead. This is simply a healthier choice and the fresh fruit offers fiber and enzymes and nutrients in a format that your body can better utilize.

    2. Add greens to your diet. Adding greens like swiss chard, spinach, collard greens, green leafy lettuce, etc. will help to reduce your cravings for simple carbohydrates like rice and biscuits, while feeding you and your baby superior nutrition.

    A great way to add greens to your diet is in the form of a green smoothie.

    Here's a video that shows that green smoothies help to reduce blood sugar levels.

    Here's a page with 10 Green Smoothie Recipes.

    And here's a video that shows you how to make a green smoothie. Babies love green smoothies too and they are SO healthy.

    Hope this helps. Please post back with any questions. Adding more vegetables to your diet and reducing the white sugar, white flour products should greatly help. Oh - and remember that when your blood sugar is high there's a greater chance that baby will be bigger, which can present some challenges at birth. So it's super important that you pay attention to this now. Adding greens to your diet and reducing the sugar/simple carbs should help.

    Warm regards,


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    Thank you for the information. i am 34weeks plus 4days today last week i went to see the Doctor and dietitian, But it was a bad news as i was 33 weeks pregnant my baby's growth is for 35weeks . But my sugar level was under control. I have gained only 6kg of weight during my pregnancy they told me its not enough, and because of baby's weight they might induce me to early labour . and my daily intake of carbohydrate is not enough and told me to have dairy foods but whenever i drink milk my sugar level is going higher than recommended i am eating lot more vegies like spinach lettuce pumpkin. and other green veggies. sometimes i don't feel i am okay and so tired and an urge to push or stretch my body why is that and y inducing is there any problem for my baby?

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    Hi Rashmi,

    I'm sorry that I completely missed your question until now. How did your delivery go? Did the doctor decide to induce? Were you able to give birth naturally? Did you have any complications?

    And how are you doing now? Have you fully recovered from the birth? Did you have a boy or a girl, and how is baby doing?

    Warm Regards,


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    the increase in the amount of glucose in the blood is caused by the cells becoming slightly more resistant to insulin during pregnancy so eating healthy really is a must to lower the risk of gdm and yes, exercise!

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    diabetes during pregnancy

    Thank you very much for sharing the information. For me, as a future mother and a sweet tooth, it is highly important to know because I keep no measure eating sweet stuff.

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