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    exercises fit for pregnant women


    I am a runner and run 10 miles almost every week. Is it safe to run when pregnant? If it is not, can you give alternative exercises?


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    Hi Ruth,

    You may find this article useful: Pregnancy Workout Guide.

    The article explains that exercise and pregnancy should go hand in hand! However, there are some precautions to look out for when you should stop exercising (e.g. if you get dizzy) - which are listed in detail in the link.

    In terms of your specific question, it does say that you should exercise at a 'moderate intensity level' where 'you can still talk whilst exercising without feeling exceedingly short of breath' - I think running could be ok as long as you could do this (i.e. it wasn't too intense). This is particularly the case if you have ran for many years as your body would be used to this type of exercise.

    I found swimming in pregnancy a great way to exercise.

    I too will be interested to read others' suggestions on this topic.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi LJ,

    Thank you for answering all my questions. I just started running a year ago. During my first pregnancy, I wasn't as active.


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    You're very welcome I wish you a great rest of pregnancy. Please post any further questions you have.


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    Once again, some great advice from Laura-Jane. I especially like what she said here: '
    you can still talk whilst exercising without feeling exceedingly short of breath
    I doubt that if you're running a mile each day that you'd be able to talk while exercising without feeling exceedingly short of breath, so I'd say that you may be overdoing it by running 10 miles a week. Walking for an hour a day - great! Biking for 30 minutes a day - great! And as your baby grows, you will need to change your exercise routine. You may decide to do more yoga and stretching as the belly grows. As Laura-Jane mentioned, swimming is wonderful! You'll want to protect the ligaments that support baby, and swimming is a wonderful exercise for this.

    Please post back with your thoughts. Do you think that running 10 miles a week is too much? I'm just curious as to what your thoughts are now that you have some good guidelines.

    Warm Regards,


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