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Thread: Nappy rash

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    Nappy rash

    At the moment my daughter has severe nappy rash I've tried using bepanthen but nothing seems to be working, she also has very sensitive skin, What can I do to help with the nappy rash?"

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    Hi Bridge85,

    I just responded to one of your other questions about what could be causing your daughter to wake up in the middle of the night screaming. Well... her bad nappy rash could very possibly be contributing to that.

    As she sleeps, her nappy will become wetter and wetter with urine. As urine sits, it attracts bacteria. If your daughter's urine is concentrated, it will have more ammonia in it which will cause irritation to the skin (nappy rash). If she already has a rash, the ammonia will give a burning sensation which could wake her up.

    So... let's address the rash and hope that this helps to resolve the sleeping issue too.

    One of the best things you can do is allow her to have time during the day when she does not have a diaper on. This will allow air to help dry the skin and heal the skin AND it will also keep baby's urine from being in contact with the skin.

    One way to do this is to put your 13 month old in a play pen. My play pens had a vinyl covered pad in the bottom that I usually covered with a piece of cloth. However, when I had a baby that needed to have "diaper off time", I just put her directly on the vinyl so that I could easily wipe up any urine.

    Urine is sterile when it first leaves the body. So you can just put your baby in the play pen with some toys (not stuffed animals, but toys you can easily clean) and see if she will play in there without a nappy on. If she sits the whole time that will defeat the purpose because we want her bum open to the air. But if she stands, squats, walks around, lays on her tummy, then her bum will get some fresh air.

    If that doesn't work, you can try leaving her bum open to the air while you breastfeed her. This way she is in one place (your arms) and you can put a thick towel on your lap while she breastfeeds.

    Another idea is to take a cloth nappy and very lightly pin it on her. You want to be sure it will stay up, but also make it very loose so that air can get to her bottom (much better than using a disposable nappy). This will help to catch liquid when she wets. As soon as you notice the cloth nappy is damp, change it. We want the urine away from her skin so changing that nappy very often throughout the day will help.

    You may want to use a nappy rash ointment that has zinc oxide in it at every nappy change. This would be when you're putting a nappy on for the night or when you need to go somewhere (not when you're letting air get to her bum because the ointment will keep air from getting to the skin).

    Calendula Nappy Care Cream
    is also very good for healing the skin and can be used at every diaper change to also prevent nappy rash.

    Use warm water on a cloth to clean her bottom instead of wipes. Wipes, again, can irritate already red/sore skin. You can put a little oil on the bottom if you want to be able to wipe feces (dirty nappy) off the skin more easily, but usually, just a warm wash cloth works without having any need for soap.

    Here's a good video that discusses nappy rash treatment.

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    Thank you Kate. I will try get the cream and will try the play pen without a nappy.

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    Please post back in a couple of days to let us know if the rash is clearing at all. Having some time for the baby's bottom to be in open air should really help.


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