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    Do you give your toddler iron supplements?


    The general advice given by my health visitor to babies over 1 year old is for them to start having iron supplements. However, the Baby Led Weaning book by Gill Rapley talks about why this is a decision each parent needs to make for their child (rather than just taking on the general medical advice) and, in most cases, adequate iron can still be gained from the diet. This is one reason why we currently have decided not to give my son iron supplements.

    What are your views on iron supplements for toddlers? What did you decide for your toddler?

    I look forward to finding out other 'gentle parenting' mums' views on this,


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    I am on baby 4 and have never given any of my children iron supplements. They test fine for iron and get everything they need from their diet.

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    That's reassuring to know - thank you for sharing this.

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    Never gave any of my babies iron due to the concern that it constipates them. Never had a problem with any of my 5 children showing any signs of iron deficiency. Again, deep greens will help, so steam up some fresh spinach and then chop it up for him... or... green smoothies :-) And if you're getting an adequate supply in your diet, he will get some in your milk along with his food.

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    I have my oldest son on iron supplement since he was hospitalized due to amoebiasis and still taking it up to now. I remember that the doctor prescribed it because he had blood works and the result was marginal.

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