This month there has been some new research published into the nutritional content on jars of baby food: you can read an article about this research here. Worryingly, the research shows that if a baby only had one meat baby food jar and one vegetable baby food jar on top of formula milk then the baby would only be receiving 80% of many of their daily recommended nutrients (including calcium and magnesium).

I believe this is another reason why breastfeeding is beneficial - as a baby can get almost everything they need from the breast milk up to 1 years old. From 6 months old I feel it's best to introduce natural/home-made food to the baby. This doesn't have to be time consuming or difficult to make (as long as the salt content is kept to a minimum and it's safe for the baby to eat e.g. not nuts which are a choking hazard).

However, I do still find this research concerning as I know some mums who do rely on jars of baby food and they believe they are meeting their baby's daily nutritional requirements.

I'd love to know others' thoughts on this research! Does it surprise you or not? How did you make decisions about what food to feed your baby?