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    Blocked Tear Duct?

    Hello all,

    My daughter has a teary right eye. It doesn't seem to concern her much. And it doesn't show any sign of infection of any sort. Its just that clear water keeps coming from her right eye frequently. Her doctor said it must be due to blocked tear duct and that she will grow out of it soon and also asked me to keep an eye for any sign of infection or sticky discharge. Is there anything I can do to help open her tear duct? When do you think I should go back to her doctor if it continues?

    Looking forward to your responses and suggestions.



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    Hi Rashmi,

    This is fairly common in babies and tends to go away by itself. You are wise to keep an eye on it though. You can use a warm, clean cloth to wipe her eye.

    My sister has suffered from a blocked tear duct and she found this Information on Watering Eyes useful.

    I will look forward to reading what other mum's experiences and suggestions about this are.

    Best wishes,


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    Thanks you LJ for your reassurance. I will go through the link you mentioned.

    She has been having it for quite some time. But I think, for the last few days, the frequency of water coming has reduced. May be it is a sign of getting better.

    Meanwhile I will do as you suggested. And also looking forward for more suggestions/tips to avoid infections.


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    That certainly sounds positive that the watering has been occurring less often Rashmi. Let's hope it clears up completely very soon

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