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Thread: Unplanned Pregnancy

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    Unplanned Pregnancy

    I'm 30 years old and am just over 5 months pregnant with my first baby.
    This was an unplanned pregnancy and I am finding it very hard to deal with the emotional and mood rollercoaster I seem to constantly be on. It's putting a big strain on my relationship.
    I thought I might come on to this forum to be able to talk about how i'm feeling, as I don't think the people around understand. Some try to be a support but others try to "snap me out of it" which doesn't work. That only makes it worse.
    I really wish I could be excited, like other new mums :'-( I just don't know how to get happy and stay happy about my pregnancy.

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    I am so sorry to hear that you are feeling down. I hope you are able to gain some support from this forum. Are you able to talk to your midwife or doctor about how you are feeling? They need to know that you are feeling down. It is important to know that not everyone feels "happy" about being pregnant. Many pregnancies, like yours, are unplanned. It is okay to feel unhappy, mad, stressed or a whole range of feelings for a short time, but it is not okay to feel down all the time. Sometimes you have to get help to show you the way through. It is a great idea to find someone you can talk to - so if you can't find anyone with your family or circle of friends can I suggest talking to someone professionally. They can help you work through your feelings. Why don't you check out Beyond Blue's website. They have lots of support lines for depression (they list postnatal depression - but these services usually provide help during pregnancy). You don't need to feel alone.
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    you posted a few weeks ago now..but I just wanted to say that my pregnancy was very planned(IVF), and it still took my months to feel happy and connected about it. I know it's different, but you don't need to feel bad about feeling bad (or not feeling good).

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