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    How Much Is Too Much Chocolate Milk?

    How much is too much when it comes to giving chocolate milk compared to regular milk? My 5 year old prefers the former.

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    We do not allow chocolate milk, but all milk has sugar in it. I would use a low-fat chocolate milk and try to keep it to one cup per day. Also, try to encourage water consumption as often as possible if you are not already.

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    Chocolate milk has a lot of sugar in it and it has caffeine. Both of these things can cause health and/or behavioral challenges in children.

    I would encourage you to wean your child off of chocolate milk and only offer it as a treat. If you want to serve it once a week that would probably be plenty.

    One way to wean your child off of chocolate milk is to start diluting it with regular milk. Start 1/2 cup of chocolate milk and add a little regular milk to it. Next time, add a little more regular milk to it, and so on, until he/she is drinking more regular milk than chocolate milk.

    Alternatively, you could just start serving regular milk and let him know that you no longer have chocolate milk in the house (it's not an option). If he drinks regular milk now, then this might be the better way to go. You could also offer the chocolate milk as a treat or a reward if you need to reward him for a job well done. But I would always make it less chocolatey and less sweet by adding regular milk to it.

    I would also encourage you to give your son full fat milk if you're going to give him milk. Here's a good article that discusses why you need to avoid low fat milk.

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