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    This will touch every Mother's heart...

    A friend sent this to me saying "it was so beautiful it made me cry". Well, this beautiful video moved me to tears as well and it's such a good reminder of what's truly important. How does this message move you?

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    Dear Kate,

    Thank you for sharing this touching video.

    It's a message I've been thinking about recently: now that our next baby is due later this year I seem to be more aware of how quickly my toddler is changing and growing. I want to cherish every cuddle (he gives lots of these!) and every laugh. Sure, life can get hectic and busy but I want to be there for every moment of my children growing up and experiencing new things.

    We took my son for his first proper swim yesterday - a family afternoon to remember always.

    So thank you for reminding me of how wonderful these often small moments are,


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    So glad you liked it. It truly is a wonderful reminder of what is most important :-)

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    What a nice video you posted Kate, it put tears into my eyes. I just wanted to hug my boys who are asleep right now.

    Thank you for sharing this to us.

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