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    My daughter is nearly on her her 6th month and I've noticed that she keeps on putting her index finger on her mouth and just bites it or nibbles it. Is it possible that a tooth may come out already at this early stage?


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    The average age for a baby's first tooth to come through is 5.5 months (although there is a wide range). Therefore, it is likely that this is your daughter's first tooth coming through. She may be putting her fingers in her mouth to chew on to ease any teething pain and to help the tooth come through. You can buy teething toys that you put in the fridge before the baby chews on them and they help with teething. Teething babies tend to dribble a lot and can become irritable and experience a raised temperature. However, all babies are different and you may find (like with my son) that the teething does not cause much disruption.

    One of my friend's baby's wore an 'amber teething bracelet' and he never suffered with his teeth (of course, this could be a coincidence!) The amber is meant to release natural soothing properties onto the skin. Once my son was 6 months old, I found a cold stick of cucumber helped with his teething. Some mums use an ice cube tied inside a cotton piece of material to help their babies with teething pains.

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    All excellent suggestions by LJ. Post back and let us know when that first tooth comes through. If you're breastfeeding you won't need to be concerned about her teeth causing you any discomfort. The tongue covers the lower teeth when breastfeeding, and the upper teeth just rest on the skin - so just keep up that good breastfeeding relationship if you're doing that.

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    Sounds like a tooth to me! Let us know how it goes. =)

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