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    When Children Refuse To Eat Their Veggies

    My children donít like eating veggies and itís a constant battle of wills when it comes to this one. Help!

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    Maybe try to hide them? I know a lot of mums hide little bits of veggies in muffins or mashed potatoes. Do not stop offering, they will eventually find something they love.

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    Oh we've been through this one recently!

    My advice would be to keep calm (easier said than done sometimes!) and not to 'force' them on your children. My son stopped eating all fruit and veggies for about 10 days. I started buying a wider variety of fruit and veggies and cooking them in different ways. For example, I mostly offered roast carrots previously so I started to offer carrots which had been boiled in a little orange juice. These were a hit! I also found that some unusual combinations of fruit/ veg made into a smoothie worked well. For example, prunes with strawberries, raisins and yoghurt. We also made a smoothie with some liquidised roast sweet potato in it.

    I did try hiding the veggies in other food at one point but the cheeky monkey always found them!

    I hope this helps,


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