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Thread: Baby's First Meal - How to introduce it?

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    Question Baby's First Meal - How to introduce it?


    I have a 6-month old baby and I am about to start giving her solid foods. I decided to introduce first mashed fruits and vegetables. How do I start with it? Should it be once a day or is it necessary to give it every meal?


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    Hi Charibelle_925,

    Just start introducing foods to your baby when you want to. It doesn't have to be structured at all. If you're preparing lunch and have bananas on hand, cut a little piece off, mash it up good with a fork, and then give her a bite to see how she responds.

    If you're having potatoes, take a little of yours, add a little water or breastmilk or formula to it, mash it up, and offer it to her. See how she responds. Same things for sweet potatoes, avocado and other things which are easy to mash to a smooth consistency. Applesauce is good too.

    There's a really good book called Baby Lead Weaning which has some great suggestions on how to read your baby's signs that she is ready to start solids.

    And here's a good thread about Baby Lead Weaning where mums discuss the different ages that their children started on solids (4 of mine weren't interested until they were at least 8 months old).

    Post back and let us know how it goes or what you decide to do about introducing solids to your little one.

    Warm regards,


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    What an exciting milestone in your baby's life!

    I agree with Kate - it's good to involve your baby in family meals/ when someone else is eating as they learn to eat with others. Babies also learn a lot at this age by imitating adults: so watching you eat will be useful. You can just adapt the food you are eating. With Baby Led Weaning you don't need to mash the food (we started with cucumbers, tomato, toast and even chicken). If you want to mash it (as you mentioned) you could choose food which is easy to mash at the table - like avocados or cooked vegetables.

    You can start involving your baby in every meal (as long as she is not tired). From 6 months to 1 year it is recommended that you feed your baby their milk (whether this is breast milk or formula) before you eat. About 1 hour before is fine. The idea is that the baby is not hungry when they are trying solid food - our mantra was 'food is for fun until you are one'! At 6 months old a baby may not really swallow any food - this is absolutely fine. They are learning about textures and tastes.

    Let us know how you get on.

    Best wishes,


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    I love Laura-Jane's mantra "Food is for fun, until you are one!" So true - food needs to be a fun experience while they are getting used to the new tastes and textures :-)

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