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Thread: Weird emotions after birth

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    Weird emotions after birth

    I wasn't happy during my 9 month pregnancy as my husband was not very cooperative during those months. After i gave birth whenever i see pregnant women tears would flow from my eyes and i can't help it. Is this normal?

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    Hi Aussiemum,

    I'm sorry that you had a difficult time during pregnancy and after the birth of your baby.

    My experience has shown me that having a baby can certainly make women feel more emotional than usual or feel different emotions. I particularly found this during the first week after giving birth when my milk was first coming in.

    Postnatal depression is also unfortunately surprisingly common: recent studies show it affects 1 in 7 women (and it can also affect men). Here, the emotions you feel tend to be stronger and longer lasting than just feeling down. Many women feel unable to cope in a low mood that they cannot break out of. If you feel like this it is best to seek help from the GP and to talk about your feelings with friends or at a support group.

    As well as this, I have personally found that having a baby has changed me. It is the most amazing and scary thing I have ever done! I am now a more emotional person, particularly with any topic concerning: babies, children and pregnancy.

    When did you have your baby? How are you feeling now?

    Best wishes,


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    As LJ mentioned, postnatal depression is common and it's really hard when you just feel so sad and unsupported all the time.

    it's usually due to a hormonal imbalance because hormones change so much both during and after pregnancy.

    Something that can help make you feel better is to be sure you're not eating junk food or sugar, and to be sure you're getting plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables and protein. There is also a B vitamin called inositol. This helps to naturally lift the mood and I've used it with great success.

    I wish you all the best.

    Warm regards,


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    It does sound very much like postnatal depression or at least some residual depression from the antenatal stage. I was in a very tough situation when my first child was born. I was a junior in college, my first husband left me weeks before my due date, and the entire nine months of the pregnancy were rocky and traumatic.

    When I saw happy families or pregnant women who were having the sort of pregnancy I had dreamed of, it was very hard on me. I had severe postnatal depression, which originally started as situational depression and only intensified with the rush of postnatal hormones.

    At the time I did not know how serious the problem was. I really wish I could go back in time and relieve those special days again.


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