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    Opinions of Ultrasound scans

    The majority of pregnant women choose to have the two ultrasound scans offered to them in pregnancy (at around 12 and 20 weeks). Ultrasound scans can check for a huge range of problems but, like any medical test, they are not perfect. This interesting research paper looks at obstetricians' views of ultrasound scans. Here are some of the comments made:

    '...ultrasound is your third eye and it should inform your practice.’

    'The disadvantage is sometimes picking things up that you probably rather do not want to know.'

    'I think… most members of the public think an ultrasound is a more powerful tool than it is.’

    'The best part of my work? I think it’s reassuring parents, because I see lots of referrals that turn out not to be what people thought. It’s to be in a position of scientific knowledge and be able to tell parents no, this is not exactly as someone else thought. It’s going to be alright.’

    What are your opinions on the use of ultrasound scans in pregnancy? How helpful do you think they can be?

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    Hi doctor..I am frightened of ultrasound procedure can you tell me the another & easy way to sahould inform my our practice..Help me please
    Thanks a lot

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