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Thread: Stretch Marks due to Pregnancy

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    Stretch Marks

    Hi, I had been reading a lot of the topics on forum but so far I have not encountered a topic about stretch marks or I am just new so I did not found it yet But being a woman and a bit vain.. this is one on the commonly seen result of pregnancy.. some stretch marks not only on the abdomen itself but even on some other parts of the body that you did not expect it to be involve in the process of your pregnancy.
    " To those who are knowledgeable kindly enhance us with this aspect;
    a. probable cause or reason why we have it;
    b. tips on preventing if there are some;
    c. symptoms that you feel as those marks are starting and
    d. usually what stage of pregnancy does the marks starts to develop.
    One last thing, does it also appear on men and women who did not undergo pregnancy.

    Thank you.

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    Stretch marks occur, not only in pregnancy, but as we grow during adolescence (which is why men can also get stretch marks) or even if someone quickly puts on a lot of weight. They mainly occur during the third trimester when the elastic supportive tissue changes most quickly to accommodate your growing baby.

    I found that rubbing almond oil into my growing bump helped to soften my skin and I am lucky that I have almost no stretch marks. A lot of stretch marks will fade within 6-12 months after giving birth.

    Has anyone else used any natural treatments to help with stretch marks?

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    I used oil on my belly during my entire pregnancy with baby #1, and didn't get a single stretch mark.

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    Unfortunately for me, I have a lot. I didn't believe much with those creams. And sadly I have a lot of stretch marks now, lol. They are more on my belly. I have some on my breasts but very minimal and on my legs. I should've listened and tried using those anti-stretch mar creams.

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    Hi all,

    I'm pregnant on my first baby and one of my worries are having stretch marks. I heard some of my friends saying that oil really helped them not to have stretch marks. Any one knows a specific brand for reducing the appearance of these hilarious marks?

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    I used coco butter every single day and drank plenty of water. Even though I was pregnant with twins I did not receive even one stretch mark. I do however have stretchmarks on the sides of my legs and breasts but these occured during my adolecence, as LJ pointed out that is another time stretch marks can strike.

    I was told over and over that it's all about genetics and not about the cream or oil, so I figured I get stretch marks no matter what but the coco butter felt so good on my belly because it would itch like crazy sometimes and I could feel my skin stretching. The lotion I used was nothing special at all - rather inexpensive actually - but I really think it saved me from having stretch marks

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    I might invest in some of that coco butter DoubleSunshine - thanks for the tip

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    You're welcome!

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    Stretch Marks

    Hello, I am a 45 year old mother and am looking for somthing to reduce the look of stretch marks.

    After having my Precious later on in life, I have a map on my belly of these ugly things. Have you found anything that really works? I have tried coco butter cream and it really does not do much. Vitamin E has a slightly better result, but still not really good. Am I stuck with these things? Help???

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    Hi cutiecat,

    I have found rubbing Almond Oil into stretch marks really helps (although I guess it's not really a sound experiment - as you never know what your stretch marks would have been like without any creams/oil: everyone is different). You might find this thread of suggestions from mums on this forum to help with stretch marks useful.

    When did you have your baby? I ask this because they do fade with time.

    Hope this helps.

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    Dear Ljmarsden,

    I had Precious 7 months ago and the marks are still quite red. So I am hoping they do fade and I will try your suggestion of Almond Oil and will look at the threads you suggested.

    Sometimes time is the only cure for things I guess.

    Thank you
    Cutie Cat

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    Hi Cutiecat,

    Yes 7 months is still not long (after all you were pregnant for 9 months!) - our bodies need time to recover from the changes experienced during pregnancy.


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    Hi Cutiecat,

    I found a video which helps to explain the cause of stretch marks and one option you can use to remove or reduce the appearance of them. They suggest using a derma-roller. I don't have any experience with this but it is an option.

    One thing I'd definitely recommend is to be sure you're getting enough Vitamin C. Collagen is created from Vitamin C and there are even some creams which have Vitamin C in them (the skin will absorb anything you put on it).

    Hope this helps a bit. The sooner you start treating them the better chance you have of removing or minimizing their look.

    Warm Regards,


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    Stretch Marks due to Pregnancy

    Hi! Are there natural ways or methods to remove stretch marks due to pregnancy?


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    Check out this other thread that discusses how to remove stretch marks due to pregnancy.

    For future pregnancies, you could make your own aromatheraphy massage oil for pregnancy. There's even a recipe for stretch mark prevention oil. Just rub it on your belly multiple times during the day throughout the 2nd and 3rd trimesters.

    Warm regards,


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