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    It is a common occurrence for toddlers and even adults but don't really know what to do if it's actually happening because most mum would be panicking if blood is coming out of the nose of her kid.

    Is nosebleeding something a parent should be worried about? What is the cause of this? Any precautions before it happens? And what should I do during nosebleeding?

    Suggestions and insights please.


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    It's usually either because the child has knicked the inside of their nose with their fingernail or because their sinuses are dried out. They are relatively common and almost always nothing to be concenred about.

    To treat, pinch the nose and hold the child's head slightly back. If the child has repeated bouts they should be evaluated by a professional. If they are bleeding for more than 10-15 minutes or seem to be loosing an excessive amount of blood, they may need immediate medical assistance, though this is extremely rare.

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    Nose bleeds can be caused by an aggravation to the nose (as mom2many mentioned) but they can also be cause by being hit in the face or from a nutritive imbalance.

    I have 2 children that get nose bleeds for "no reason". I give them extra vitamin C (Emergen-C is good and a fizzy drink that children enjoy) and the extra Vitamin C usually helps to keep them from happening again.

    When I was growing up, I was always told to put my head back and pinch the bridge of the nose when I had a nose bleed, but recommendations have since changed, for the better.

    When you tilt the head back, the blood will tend to want to run down the back of the throat, causing the patient to swallow a lot of blood. This can then cause an upset stomach and sometimes vomiting.

    It's better to lean forward and allow the blood to run out of the nose. Use a bowl to catch the blood if needed.

    Put pressure on the bridge of the nose (pinch the nose in the area between your eyes, not at the opening). If this doesn't stop the flow, then try putting crushed ice or an ice pack on the bridge of the nose to help slow the flow. My 14 year old son who gets nose bleeds more than anyone, says that ice works best.

    I've found that Hydrogen Peroxide takes fresh blood out of fabric well. Cold water with a little soap works well too.

    There are other reasons for nose bleeds, but I'd say these are the most common. There are also homeopathic remedies that can help a person who has chronic nose bleeds.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi there mom2many and Kate.

    Thank you for the replies.

    During my younger years as a teenager, i was told that nose bleeding is caused by excessive heat and to my perception could be yes because it dries up the nostrils. Isn't it?

    And one more thing, Is there any disease or sickness that nose bleeding could be one of the symptoms?

    Post please any comments or informative details.


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