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Thread: Recommended acupuncturists

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    Recommended acupuncturists

    I invite you to use this thread to talk about your positive experiences in receiving acupuncture either while you were pregnant, during labour or as treatment for you or your baby. Please note this part of the forum is moderated. So all posts have to be approved.
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    I use a fantastic actupuncturist in North Sydney. He works on the 5 elements in your system and will bring out the emotional issues underlying any physical problems you may have. I didn't use him in pregnancy but he can recommend another that specialises in pregnancy.

    Gye Bennets
    ph 9929 9329

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    My wife had acupuncture to induce 2 of our children in the UK, a lovely lady called Annie Millies in York, Annie treated her at home and 12 hours later on the dot she was in full established labour. Compared to an oxytocin drip it was a far more pleasant experience. Whilst we haven't needed any further help for pregnancy induction in Australia we have found a wonderful and very gentle acupuncturist called Richard Beattie who works out of the Buderim Clinic of Herbal Medicine at 7 Lindsay Rd in Buderim and he is great.
    Tel: 07 54768825

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