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    First Aid Kit should-haves

    Hello there.

    A home with kids should have a First Aid Kit handy at all times. I have one with me all the time even when we are away from home, just in case a need it I won't be worrying at all. But, for me I have what I think I needed, like alcohol, Betadine, cotton or swabs, bandage, antibiotic cream and A&D cream and also you can find thermometer. Those are what you can find in my kit but I know that there is a standard list that a First Aid Kit should have and I need advise. Can anyone help me fill my kit with some more items that can be helpful? So when the day comes that I need it, it's already in my kit.

    Thank you in advance.

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    What a great question! I hope others will chime in with their ideas.

    I took a really good first aid class when I was becoming a licensed child care provider, and one of the things I thought was an odd thing to have in a kit was a clean, disposable nappy.

    The reason for this is because they are so absorbent and can be used as a bandage if a person is bleeding. It's also great for when you have a little one in the car who needs to "go", and you can't easily get to a bathroom.

    Another thing that's helpful to have is a blunt tip pair of scissors. This is not a blunt pair of scissors, it's a special pair of scissors that have blunt tips, not sharp tips (so you don't accidentally stab the patient).

    I also like to keep flairs in my car so that if there's an accident on the road, I can put flairs out to help protect the area where I'm treating the patient. It doesn't happen often, but it can happen.

    Oh - and a few other things I try to always keep in my car are a bottle of water and a hand towel or two. Those come in handy often, especially when you want to clean your hands (or your children's hands and face). I also always have a homeopathic remedy called "Arnica Montana" in my purse, in pellet form (they taste like little sugar pellets).

    Arnica is excellent to give someone if they've experienced any kind of trauma like bruising or swelling. I give it to my children when they take a fall and bump themselves, or when they twist an ankle. I also gave it to my 2 month old just before he had open heart surgery, because the heart/lung bi-pass machine was like giving the body a big bruise. It definitely helped with keeping his swelling down and helped with pain management as well. It comes in many different forms, and the ones I use most often are pellets (taken orally) and cream that is rubbed on the skin.

    Anyone else have suggestions on what to keep in the car for "emergencies"?

    Warm regards,


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    I will add those nappies, blunt tip scissors and Arnica. I will look for Arnica Montana pellets at the drug store.

    Thank you.
    By the way, I also have aspirator in my kit. It will be useful if your kids get congested while away from home.

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