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    Unusual smell of sweat for toddlers


    My 2-year-old son was very active and playful, and even giving him a bathe twice a day still I can smell his sweat like a pee. Is it normal?

    I am guessing that because he is growing up and uses a baby milk bath on his body I should change his body wash. Could the baby wash causing this smelly sweat? Any comment is very much appreciated.


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    Hello proudmumof2boys,

    If the smell truly is because it's hot and he's very active and sweating, then I would use a mild soap and washcloth to wash him. Sometimes, just using your hand to wash his skin won't remove all the bacteria that is causing the odor.

    I tend to shy away from using stronger soap or deodorant soaps because I think that just water on a wash cloth, or mild soap and water on a wash cloth removes the needed bacteria fairly well.

    If you make an effort to wash the skin with a wash cloth, and he smells nice and fresh and clean when he comes out of the bath, only to smell poorly a short time later, then you may need to address a nutritional imbalance within the body. Is he eating plenty of fresh fruit and fresh vegetables or lightly steamed vegetables each day? Cucumbers, tomatoes and avocados are all soft foods he could eat fresh. Fresh coconut milk would be good for him too.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Kate.

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will keep you updated. I will try this and see if it will remove the smell.

    Anyways, my son loves to eat fresh fruits like apples, mangoes, oranges and bananas. For vegetables, he is a little picky. But i will try to add more fruits and vegetables in his diet.

    Thanks again.

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    Your son would probably greatly benefit from some green vegetables because greens have chlorophyll in them, and chlorophyll is a natural deodorizer. It cleanses the blood and is super good for you.

    Try making a green smoothie for your son. If he likes oranges and bananas, make a smoothie out of frozen or fresh bananas and orange juice (can add pineapple too, if he likes this) and put a handful of raw spinach or raw swiss chard or raw deep green lettuce. It will turn the smoothie green, but he won't be able to taste the greens if you don't put too many. You can start with a little and work up from there. Kids LOVE smoothies!

    Here are a couple of videos showing you how much kids love green smoothies.

    Try it and post back to let us know how your son likes it.

    Warm regards,


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    I can testify to Kate's recommended 'green smoothie' being an absolute hit with my toddler!

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