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    What Is Your Opinion On "Spare The Rod, Spoil The Child"?

    I grew up with very strict parents. My father, in particular, was a disciplinarian and I wasn't spared from a few spankings. But in this day and age, society frowns upon such behavior. What do you think?

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    I am an advocate of the gentle discipline technique. I believe that violence is never the answer and that it is not an effective or respectful way to treat children. Dr. Sears (the famous gentle parenting paediatrician) writes that, one reason why he is against using spanking or smacking, is that children will mimic this behaviour and may use it with their siblings and friends. I believe if we treat our children with respect then they will grow up as respectful young people. I know this view isn't always popular, but it's one that I firmly believe in. I recently enjoyed reading this article by La Leche League on What is Gentle Discipline. Here, the author writes:

    'Gentle discipline means, quite simply, placing empathy and respect at the very center of your parenting.'

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