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Thread: Should Pregnant Women Wear High Heels?

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    Should Pregnant Women Wear High Heels?

    When I was pregnant with my 3 kids, I refrained from wearing heels. But nowadays, you see a lot of pregnant women wear heels. Just open a fashion or entertainment magazine, and splattered in the pages are celebrity pregnant mums wearing those ridiculous high heels. What's your intake on this?

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    I think overall it is pretty harmless. If they want to do it, then they can. Personally, I couldn't imagine wearing high heels during pregnancy!

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    Me too, i can't imagine wearing high heels when pregnant. I used to wear high heels during the first 4months but when my tummy started to grow in size I stop wearing heels and prefer flat shoes.

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    I'd tend to say that wearing high heals during the 2nd and 3rd trimester could cause structural challenges in the skeletal system of mom, which could cause a longer birth with higher chance of complications. Regular chiropractic care could help to take care of this.

    Also, a pregnant mum could trip more easily in high heals, which would not be good for mum or bub. We know that as the belly increases in size, center of gravity changes for mum. So a different center of gravity coupled with high heals could create a much larger chance of mum tripping and/or falling.

    This is what comes to mind. Taking a picture in high heals wouldn't be a problem. Walking around in them may present a bigger problem for pregnancy and birth.

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    This is a good explanation ms.kate...thank you so much for this great explanation which will give caution to other pregnant mum like me to take good care and avoid wearing those high heels while they are pregnant.

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