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Thread: The Cycle Returns - First Period After 15 Months of Breastfeeding!

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    The Cycle Returns - First Period After 15 Months of Breastfeeding!

    Hi there

    With my daughter now 15 months, my cycle has returned. I am still breastfeeding and hope to continue to do so until my daughter is at least 2 years old. I am wondering how my periods returning will affect my supply. Also, this first period has been very heavy. Will breastfeeding make all subsequent periods heavy? Would love your insights.


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    Hello Mumof2IVFmiracles,

    Returning periods never affected my milk supply, and my periods returned when my babies were 5 months of age or younger. I always had plenty of milk.

    However, with a 15 month old, the thing that will likely affect your milk supply more than anything else will be how much or how little she wants to breastfeed. As she gets older she will be interested in more and more things, and possibly want to sit quietly in your lap less and less, to the point where you may find yourself eventually only breastfeeding in the morning, before nap, and before bed.

    If you happen to notice that your milk supply drops off more than you'd like, you can always drink some mother's milk tea or fenugreek tea, or take fenugreek supplements. Also be sure to keep your water intake up because if you let this drop, your milk supply could drop as well.

    Also, I didn't find that my periods were any heavier once they returned. It does make sense, to me, that if this is your first period after 15 months, it may be heavier than normal, but I wouldn't expect it to be abnormally heavy next time unless you possibly have a hormonal imbalance that needs to be corrected.

    Be sure you're eating a fertility friendly diet, taking your essential fatty acids, and nourishing yourself and your child as best as possible, especially if you are thinking about having another baby. We use our calcium reserves 7 times faster during the childbearing years, so eating well is super important.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Mumof2IVFmiracles,

    My periods returned earlier this year when my son was just over 12 months old. My first period was very heavy but I understand this is quite common and they tend to settle down to a normal flow after this. I did not notice a change in my milk production, but now that I am pregnant again my milk production seems to have decreased a bit (although we are still happily breastfeeding). You may also find it useful to know that, when you are still breastfeeding, your periods can be irregular in terms of their timing. It is not uncommon to 'miss' a period when you are breastfeeding (and after your first period has returned).

    Best wishes,


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