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    Meningococcal Disease


    Has anyone here have given their child a vaccine for Meningococcal Disease? From the pamphlet I read, this is fatal when untreated and saw some scary photos of babies infected by this.

    Does the vaccine covers the meningitis?

    Please give some details. And insights too.


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    It is said that 20% of the population actually carry the meningitis bacteria in their bodies but only a very small percentage actually develop an acute case of it. The vaccine itself caries great risks.

    I'd encourage you to read more about this disease and the vaccines for it and make an informed decision for your family.

    Here's a page on Meningitis from the National Vaccine Information Center which is a site which has excellent information on diseases and vaccines.

    And if you do choose to vaccinate your children, you'll want to be sure you know when you should and shouldn't vaccinate your child.

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