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Thread: Immunization/Vaccines

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    I am an old mom and i do not know if during my time ( i mean my child bearing stage ) are the immunizations after birth still the same as of the current time? Can someone post in here the expected and mandatory ( necessary to be administered ) immunization that a new born should have? From birth till the booster doses of those immunization. I still get puzzled and confused by the what and when are those expected to have. Not every pediatrician explains the necessity of those vaccines and immunization. Thanks in advance!

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    Here is a link to the current Australian children's vaccination schedule. These are often changed in terms of the time they are given and how they are grouped together but this is the current schedule.

    I believe it is good to be informed about the vaccines offered and decide if these are necessary (and if the likely benefits outweigh the potential risks) for each child. Some parents choose that it is best for their child to opt out of some or all of the vaccines, for example, because their child is highly unlikely to be exposed to that particular disease. It is a personal decision for each parent to make for each child they have.

    I have always found this a complex subject but one worth gathering information about and making an informed decision.

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