Jay sent the following question through and asked for help. Can you help Jay?
I'm 39+2 today, I was going to try a VBAC but with no induction, sweeps etc I asked if I could have a C Section booked on stand by incase needed. I was given a date 15 days after my due date apparently they had my due date wrong? Now I'm having anxiety attacks as I know going over increases still birth. All I want us my baby here safe. I don't care how she gets here, I'm doubting having a VBAC not because of pain but I'm worried about been left. Some trusts only leave VBAC ladies 7 days overdue is it really safe to go further over?

I don't see a Doctor until I'm 40+3 so got a full week of worry. There's no-one else I can talk to. Thanks.