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    Talking to your baby..

    Well, I do not know if there is a scientific rationale about this but talking to your baby even if she/he is still in your tummy can result to a very emotionally healthy baby?
    I am a very communicative person and I get pregnant before we were married. I was alone for the dad was away from us and I regularly talk to my baby. I think I started doing so when I was about 4 months pregnant. It was fun, telling all my plans about her and all my hesitation too. As if I was talking to an adult and I feel like she do listen too.
    I do not know if it has contributed to her confidence now and her personality but my girl is a very sociable, confident and secure person.
    I think the bonding should start from there. You can tell us your story too in relation to this topic. I might not be correct or this might help other mothers too. Who knows this can correct some misbehavior we have now with teens and kids.

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    I agree - I think it is fantastic to start communicating and chatting with your baby even when they are still on the inside! There is also evidence that babies recognise music that they first heard when they were in the womb.

    I started bonding with my son when I was pregnant with him. I would talk to him, play him music and I also loved how his movements would sometimes respond to me touching my tummy (in the third trimester). The obstetrician Rene Van De Carr explains about the importance of communicating with your baby in your womb in his book While you Are Expecting: Creating Your Own Prenatal Classroom.

    Children develop speech and language the quickest when you frequently talk to them when they are babies (even before they can control their tongue). Some health visitors recommend that mums who are on their own to give a 'running commentary' on their day - basically talking through everything they are doing. I also love sharing books with my little boy and he enjoys turning the pages and pointing to the pictures.

    Thank you for starting this interesting thread.


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    I love that you talked to your baby before she was born. It is good for babies to hear their mother's voice, and it helps with bonding, as you mentioned. Talking to your baby also was a soothing experience for you - a stress reducer which helped with your pregnancy.

    Thanks for sharing

    Warm regards,


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    I talked to my babies when I was pregnant with them but more often with my first. The second wasn't that much because I get tired from taking care of the oldest. I felt sorry for not doing the same with my 2nd son, but good thing my oldest keeps touching and hugging my tummy. And now, they are very close to each other, Like every time they got each others back.

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    Good day!
    Wow, I thought at first with some hesitation that no one was interested since I never heard this practice from old folks It is an elation to know that being a mom you are the first person to influence your child genetically and emotionally ( well dads genetically ) but a very nice feeling.
    Music was one of my medium when I was talking to my kids. It was all old music and mellow ones. I am wondering at first why my daughter love the old songs. It is only now that I realize and have it connected.
    Hope the mom-to-be will play those soft and mellow sound to soothe their babies rather than those loud and ear piercing ones. Sorry I am from the old generation of people.
    thanks for the interest and have a good day everyone!

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    This is nice. I do this during my pregnancy...reading stories to my angel in my tummy...singing and talking to her as if she is in my arms. By this he can feel that we really acknowledge her presence and that we are very happy of her existence. Nice topic.

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    I did this during my pregnancies as well. I read, sang, and spoke with the baby. My husband did the same. I feel like it helped with bonding. It definitely helped us to feel connected to our babies before they arrived.

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    I think its very important to talk to your baby its like bonding moments before they come .

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    I talked to my babies when they were in the tummy as well. It is such a nice way to bond, for both mum and baby. Babies recognize voices upon arrival, so it is also an excellent way for grandparents, fathers, and siblings to bond with baby.

    As for outcomes, I have four very happy, sociable children so I'd say the early communication could definitely help.

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