Well, I do not know if there is a scientific rationale about this but talking to your baby even if she/he is still in your tummy can result to a very emotionally healthy baby?
I am a very communicative person and I get pregnant before we were married. I was alone for the dad was away from us and I regularly talk to my baby. I think I started doing so when I was about 4 months pregnant. It was fun, telling all my plans about her and all my hesitation too. As if I was talking to an adult and I feel like she do listen too.
I do not know if it has contributed to her confidence now and her personality but my girl is a very sociable, confident and secure person.
I think the bonding should start from there. You can tell us your story too in relation to this topic. I might not be correct or this might help other mothers too. Who knows this can correct some misbehavior we have now with teens and kids.