Hello all,

My daughter is 13 months old. I have never faced any trouble feeding her any kind of food. But when it comes to making her drink water, she just refuses. I have tried changing her bottle to sippy cups - that too different types. But she just drinks may be a few drops and spits out the rest. After finishing her meals and snacks I make sure she drinks at least 3-4 mouthfuls of water. I think that is the only "considerate amount" of water I can say she actually drinks. Other times, it is just a few drops each time.

What do I do to make her drink more water? Will mixing juice with her water help?

Another thing I wanted to mention is that, I am not a big supporter of store bought juices. I always make home made juice for my daughter. How long do you recommend to keep diluted juice in room temperature? My daughter doesn't like anything cold - so keeping in the refrigerator is not an option.

Looking forward to seeing your suggestions.

Thanks and Regards,