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    Food For The Brain

    I was just wondering if there are certain food groups that can enhance the intelligence of a baby inside the womb? Basically, foods have different effects on our health; there are certain food groups that enhance memory as well as improve mental alertness not only to kids but adults as well. For this, I could not keep myself from wondering whether there are also food groups that can promote intelligence to the developing child inside the womb. If there are foods for the brain for the developing baby, what are these types of foods? Does anybody here have an answer?

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    This is an interesting question.

    The American Pregnancy Association advocate that eating Omega 3 in pregnancy is important as it aids foetal brain development. In most of the studies, the researchers seem to be considering the detrimental affect on the unborn baby of not having enough Omega 3 rather than whether this can aid a child's memory levels etc. You can obtain Omega 3 from: nuts, seeds and fish although you do need to read about Eating Fish in Pregnancy as certain fish contain a high level of Mercury which is not advisable in pregnancy.

    You can read more about Food for Baby Brain Development in the Womb here.

    I'll be interested to read other mum's comments on this and how they felt about their food intake affecting their baby's development during pregnancy. For me, I do find it a responsibility but being pregnant also means I eat a more balanced and nutritious diet as I am aware of the baby's requirements for the vitamins and nutrients.

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