I don't know for whatever reasons there may be, but every time I got pregnant I always experience the most excruciating toothache pain ever. Worst thing is that, I was not allowed to take any pain reliever; thus I was forced to suffer the pain for the whole night. The following day I asked my Ob-Gyne to give me a pain reliever that could relieve me from pain, but she would only recommend a dentist as remedy. Indeed the dentist can soothe the pain for just a couple of minutes, but at night the pain tortured me again. For that, I swore I will never ever get pregnant again. However, when my kids will all go to school and my husband will leave for work, I am always left alone at home; thus I longed to have another baby. Considering that getting pregnant will mean suffering from toothache again, I decided to find a remedy for toothache before I get pregnant. So if you have some sound advice, please share it with me.