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    Smile Best Toothache Remedy For Pregnant Mums

    I don't know for whatever reasons there may be, but every time I got pregnant I always experience the most excruciating toothache pain ever. Worst thing is that, I was not allowed to take any pain reliever; thus I was forced to suffer the pain for the whole night. The following day I asked my Ob-Gyne to give me a pain reliever that could relieve me from pain, but she would only recommend a dentist as remedy. Indeed the dentist can soothe the pain for just a couple of minutes, but at night the pain tortured me again. For that, I swore I will never ever get pregnant again. However, when my kids will all go to school and my husband will leave for work, I am always left alone at home; thus I longed to have another baby. Considering that getting pregnant will mean suffering from toothache again, I decided to find a remedy for toothache before I get pregnant. So if you have some sound advice, please share it with me.

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    I'm sorry to hear you suffered with toothache during pregnancy: toothache is horrible! Did the dentist know why this was? Are you not allowed any pain relief at all in your pregnancies?

    As natural remedies for toothache, you can try rubbing an ice cube on the painful area to numb the pain. Also, you can use Wheat-grass like a mouthwash to help with tooth pain.

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    If I were you, I would go see a good dentist now before you get pregnant to rule out any underlying conditions. Get a thorough checkup, you may need a root canal or extraction. Toothaches are the worst. I am sorry your wonderful pregnancy was dampened by something so painful =(.

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