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Thread: Myth or fact

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    Myth or fact

    Pica as I believe medical practitioner calls it or the unreasonable craving of undesirable food during pregnancy.
    Pica is a pattern of eating non-food materials (such as dirt or paper)as defined in Google But I thought it was this craving for something maybe food or something else by a pregnant woman.
    Maybe a myth but with my first baby, I really crave to eat green mango which I dip in vinegar with a small amount of sugar Strange huh.. but true and I feel contented and better and happy after eating.
    Why is that? share what weird things you have done and feel during your pregnant stage. sometimes we get weird and strange. Does this phenomenon true to all?

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    Yes Pica is a known type of craving that occurs during pregnancy. You can read more about Pica in this interesting thread.

    Sometimes pregnant women crave very unusual tastes during pregnancy (which are not necessarily food or safe to eat). This is believed to be due to mineral deficiencies - so ensuring you eat a balanced diet and take any necessary mineral supplements can reduce/ get rid of the Pica.

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