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Thread: Radiation effects on my kids eyes

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    Lightbulb Radiation effects on my kids eyes

    Being the only child, and the only kid in our house, he grew up with nobody to play with. Since I don't have any helper, I find ways to keep him busy and amused so that I can continue working with the household chores without any interruption. All I did is to put him inside his cot and placed it in front of the television set having cartoon shows such as Tom and Jerry, Dora the explorer, Barney, etc. Now my kid is already 8 years old and as usual he still loves to watch cartoon shows. One day my sister visited us in our house and reprimand me of letting my son watch TV for longer hours. She told me that the radiation coming from television sets, computers and gaming consoles are detrimental to my kids eyes. I never believed her, yet at the back of my mind I do ask myself what could be the possible effect of radiation on my kids eyes? Can you give me some explanation for this?

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    I'm pleased to say that it was an old myth that televisions emit radiation which can damage kid's eyes: see this helpful article by Scientific American. This article cites that there is also no evidence that watching the television can harm your children's vision.

    However, there is evidence that children who watch a lot of television are slower to learn new words and so do not perform as well at school. They may also be not as socially developed as their peers. Does your son like to read books on his own or play in the garden whilst you need to do chores? Alternatively, at 8 years old he could start to help you with some simple tasks.

    A good way to get household chores done when you have a baby or a toddler is to use Baby Wearing. This practice is also an excellent way to bond with your child and it aids communication between the baby and their parent.

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