I'm currently pregnant with my second child (11+weeks).

My first pregnancy I received an induction after going 10 days overdue. My midwife attempted a sweep of membranes but had no success, then several days after started induction with something they inserted and left overnight, no progress so they started me on a drip and several hours later broke my waters when I had dilated to 1cm. I recieved an emergency c-section after 8 hours further of contractions and no further dilation. My son arrived weighing 10p 5oz, healthy I had no problems during pregnancy, ate very healthy and exercised every day. This was all about 12 months ago now.

My gp attempted to give me a pap smear yesterday and had a hard time performing it and it was very uncomfortable. Could there be something wrong with my cervix? Will I recieve another c section? Any advice about what may happen this time for me would be appreciated.