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    Advice about second birth


    I'm currently pregnant with my second child (11+weeks).

    My first pregnancy I received an induction after going 10 days overdue. My midwife attempted a sweep of membranes but had no success, then several days after started induction with something they inserted and left overnight, no progress so they started me on a drip and several hours later broke my waters when I had dilated to 1cm. I recieved an emergency c-section after 8 hours further of contractions and no further dilation. My son arrived weighing 10p 5oz, healthy I had no problems during pregnancy, ate very healthy and exercised every day. This was all about 12 months ago now.

    My gp attempted to give me a pap smear yesterday and had a hard time performing it and it was very uncomfortable. Could there be something wrong with my cervix? Will I recieve another c section? Any advice about what may happen this time for me would be appreciated.

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    Hi Claire11,

    I'm sorry you had so many interventions with your first birth. It actually sounds to me like your body simply wasn't ready to go into labour. Unfortunately, when you start intervening and "forcing" things to happen, then the chance of more intervensions goes up, and often the result is a C-Section.

    Midwives have the lowest C-Section rate, often only about 3.5% (as compared to doctors who have a 25%-30% C-Section rate). The reason midwives have such a low C-Section rate is because they are very skilled with their hands (doctors will typically show up to just catch the baby, and nurses are really good at monitoring labouring moms from the nurse's station).

    Midwives also have lots of little tips and tricks that they'll try to help labour get started and progress naturally.

    Some of the things I used at home, to get labour going, were the following:

    Taking Evening Primrose Oil, orally
    Opening and inserting Evening Primrose Oil capsules into the vagina
    Making love and having husband deposit semen during deep penetration, placing it right at the cervix. *Note Semen and Evening Primrose Oil act as prostaglandins and helps to soften/ripen the cervix.

    Taking Red Raspberry Leaf Tea starting at least 2 weeks before my due date, drinking it 3 times a day. This helps to tone the uterus in preparation for contractions.

    Going to the Chiropractor starting at least 2 weeks before my due date to help baby get into a good position for birth.

    I had a friend whose midwife had her start taking Blue Cohosh and Black Cohosh herbs after her due date in order to help her body prepare for birth and avoid going more than a week overdue. However, you need to have a midwife or practioner that can tell you how much to take and how often. Also many midwives won't mind if you go more than 2 weeks overdue. They will try natural things to help you go into labour and they will watch you closely. They probably won't let you go very much over 2 weeks, but they'll definitely let you go the full 2 weeks or 14 days (most of the time), whereas I'm seeing more and more doctors who don't want their patients to go more than 1 week.

    You said you had an induction at 10 days late. When did they actually do the C-Section?

    Did you try making love with your husband anytime after your due date?

    More than anything, I would highly recommend that you find a midwife or doula that can support you and be with you in the hospital. This type of support often results in a better birth experience because they can be your voice and tell the hospital staff what you want. A home birth with a skilled midwife would probably be your best chance of having a natural VBAC (vaginal birth after caessarian).

    Staying home as long as possible during early labour can also be helpful, and labouring in the water can help labour progress faster as well. Another thing that can help labour progress faster is walking. To have your water broken at 1cm dilation was probably not needed - they usually like you to be at least 4cm before breaking the bag. I feel for you.

    If you choose to have your baby in the hospital with a doctor, please call around and ask what their C-Section rate is. I'm actually not sure if they will tell you (or if they will skew the numbers) but you CAN call some midwives in your area and ask which doctors have the highest C-Section rate, and if they know of any doctors who have a lower C-Section rate. My midwife had one doctor she referred to, who had the lowest C-Section rate in the area.

    I hope this gives you some helpful information so you can have a much better experience this next time around. Also, I never have a pap smear when I'm pregnant. I wait until 6 weeks after the baby has been born. I just don't want anything touching my cervix when I'm in my early pregnancy because it can increase the chance of miscarriage. That's just an FYI for next time, but you'll probably do just fine. I was just concerned that you said it was very uncomfortable - oh, and I've had some papsmears that were very uncomfortable and others that were not at all. I think it depends upon where you are in your cycle, and who is doing the pap smear.

    And as for your 10p, 5oz. baby - be sure you avoid all sugar and most fruit and juices during this pregnancy. Sugar puts weight on a baby. I had a little candy every day when I was pregnancy with my 3rd baby, and he was my largest at 8 1/2 lbs. at 3 days late. With my 5th baby, I didn't have much at all, and she was only 7 1/2 lbs. at 9 days late.

    Here are some excellent articles on what to eat during pregnancy. It's more than just a "healthy" diet, it's a pregnancy diet that meets your needs and meets the needs of our baby in a special way.

    Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. Please feel free to post any questions you may have, as they come up.

    Warm regards,


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