Hi everyone,

When I had my ever 1st ultrasound (trans-vaginal), I was diagnosed of Cornual pregnancy. Cornual pregnancy as my doctor told me, is the worst type of Ectopic pregnancy. I was advised to terminate my pregnancy since it will endanger both my baby's life and mine. I cried so hard that night because I wanted to have this baby. I was advised by my doctor to have a 2nd opinion, and she referred a specialist for me. I took the time off from work and had to be bed ridden for a few day. Days after I experienced some bleeding. I went to the specialist (I feared I lost the baby already) and she said that it was NOT Cornual pregnancy after all (thank God!). She told me that it looks like cornual because I have a Bicornuate uterus (heart-shaped). She said that this is common if you have a twin sibling (yes, I have a twin sister). ^_^

Do women having this type of uterus have more difficulty in pregnancy? Are there disadvantages of having a bicornuate uterus?