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    Heart-shaped uterus

    Hi everyone,

    When I had my ever 1st ultrasound (trans-vaginal), I was diagnosed of Cornual pregnancy. Cornual pregnancy as my doctor told me, is the worst type of Ectopic pregnancy. I was advised to terminate my pregnancy since it will endanger both my baby's life and mine. I cried so hard that night because I wanted to have this baby. I was advised by my doctor to have a 2nd opinion, and she referred a specialist for me. I took the time off from work and had to be bed ridden for a few day. Days after I experienced some bleeding. I went to the specialist (I feared I lost the baby already) and she said that it was NOT Cornual pregnancy after all (thank God!). She told me that it looks like cornual because I have a Bicornuate uterus (heart-shaped). She said that this is common if you have a twin sibling (yes, I have a twin sister). ^_^

    Do women having this type of uterus have more difficulty in pregnancy? Are there disadvantages of having a bicornuate uterus?


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    Hi Chi,

    It would depend on the severity of your case. Women with bicornuate or hearth shaped uteri do have more complications that those who do not. The babies are more likely to be breech. Mothers are often encouraged to undergo cesarean delivery as a result of this and other issues. Definitely discuss this with your caregiver, as it is important to remember that the severity of the issue dictates much of the risk. Severe abnormalities are pretty rare. Chances are that you will go on to have a healthy, happy pregnancy.

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    Hi Chi,

    I noticed in another post, that you have a 2 year old son. Sometimes the outcome of the pregnancy is determined by where the baby implants in the uterus (in a bicornuate uterus or heart shaped uterus). Your son probably implanted in a good place, and there's a chance the next one could as well.

    Mom2Many gave you some very good information above.

    Warm regards,


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