Hello everyone,

I have a question, my daughter is 4 years old and doesn't eat well. She is not willing to have egg or milk. She doesnt like meat and says she cannot have vegetables also. So i am left with bread and chese and sometimes she agree to pancakes. What shall i do?

I know a lot of mums have this problem and kids fuss a lot, but i dont want to run after her and i do try that between meals i dont give her anything. Her breakfast, if for example has been pancakes then i wait for a good 2 hours before she says she is hungry and thats when i give her fruits. In lunch she makes a big fuss and doesnt eat it unless i fry her some ready to eat meals. I want to give her something home cooked not factory packed. Anyway its the same situation for dinner also.

She prefers to have milk for dinner but usually makes an excuse to have very little.
Help me out please.