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    Concerned mother

    How should you start feeding a baby solid foods, and how many meals should be given per day?

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    Hi Mom8Months,

    You may want to take a look at the thread Baby's First Meal - How To Introduce. There is some excellent information there.

    Please post back and let us know if you have any further questions. We always like to give ideas.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi mom8months,

    One weaning approach, which I particularly like as it follows on nicely from exclusively breastfeeding is baby led weaning. This is where you allow your baby to feed themselves and to choose how much food they want to eat, rather than spoon-feeding them. The author of the baby led weaning book has looked into a lot of research and found that this is a healthy way for babies to be weaned as it gives the baby control of what they are eating.

    You can start from 6 months and when your baby is developmentally ready (e.g. reaching out for food, able to sit up alone). You offer your baby a variety of food (cut into chunks which are big enough for your baby to grip onto with some of the food extending from their grip) around an hour after a milk feed (so they are not actually hungry). From 6 months-12 months, the baby led weaning mantra is 'food is for fun until they are one' as babies can still get the majority of their nutritional requirements from breast milk at this age (at 12 months, babies are able to get approximately 90% of their nutrients from breast milk).

    It is good to involve your baby in family mealtimes and enjoy eating together. I prefer high-chairs which do not have a tray but can be pushed right up to the family table to help the baby join in.

    Other mums on this forum have also followed other very good weaning approaches which have been right for their babies - but baby led weaning is the approach I know most about!

    I hope this helps you,

    With best wishes,


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    When I was caring for children in a day care setting, one mum sent some cooked vegetable chunks for her child to eat. When I asked her if she cooked this up herself, she said she had just picked up a can of vegetables, drained them and put the vegetables in the bag.

    Though canned food is not highly nutritious, it can be a way to get those vegetables into a child's tummy if you're short on time. This particular vegetable blend had chunks of potatoe, carrot, and green beans (among other things).

    Just an idea for those soft, first finger foods, and you can always prepare and steam up your own :-)

    Avocado chunks are a really good "first food" that a child can pick up and eat, or you can mash it up and put it on a spoon.

    LJ always has some great ideas and I'd definitely pick up a copy of the Baby-led Weaning Book.

    Warm regards,


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