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    Question Yeast Infection During Pregnancy?

    Are yeast infections common during pregnancy? How would this endanger one's pregnancy? Is there any natural remedy for this kind of infection? How can you prevent yourself from yeast infection?

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    Yeast infections can be a common problem for women during pregnancy, and some doctors think this may be due to hormonal changes, especially higher estrogen levels. While they don't endanger the pregnancy itself, they can definitely be uncomfortable.

    We all have yeast in our bodies and we all have bacteria in our bodies. The good bacteria helps to keep the yeast under control. So when the good bacteria are wiped out with antibiotics (which kills the bad bacteria too) then yeast can start growing at a rapid speed, often causing a yeast infection.

    Eating too much sugar and refined foods can also cause yeast to grow too fast, resulting in an infection.

    Some things you can do to help resolve a yeast infection would be the following:

    - Eat plain yogurt with live cultures in it.

    - Take a probiotic supplement with various strains like acidophilus, bifidus, lactobacillus salivarius, and others. If you can't take pills, just break open a capsule and put it in some unsweetened applesauce or yogurt. This will help to replenish the good bacteria which will help to bring the yeast back under control.

    - Watch the fruit juice and fruit intake. Again, these have high sugar concentrations in them (even natural sugar) and can aggravate a yeast infection. If you are prone to getting yeast infections regularly then watching your sugar intake along with foods that have a high fungus or mold content will help. Mushrooms, cheese and even canned soups tend to aggravate yeast.

    And as for a topical treatment - if it's a vaginal yeast infection you can insert plain yogurt into the vagina. There are also over-the-counter medications for a vaginal yeast infection. Babies can also get a yeast nappy rash, so any mom who is nursing her baby should watch her intake of sugar if her baby has a yeasty nappy rash. I've seen moms use plain yogurt on baby's bum and I've also seen moms use the vaginal yeast infection cream on baby's bum.

    There are also yeast infections which can happen in the mouth, and this is called thrush. Sometimes babies get thrush and pass it on to the mother's breast. Yeast can be quite troublesome and painful, so always practice safe eating and drinking before and during pregnancy.

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    Hi Kate,

    Thanks a lot for such an informative reply.


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