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    Differences between waterbirths and normal births


    I am interested in the idea of having a water birth for my first pregnancy but just wondering how this affects the labour. In most women does this make pain more bearable and is it totally safe for the baby?
    Thanks so much in advance for your help. Charlotte

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    Hi Charlotte,

    I had the very same concern about whether water birth would be totally safe for my baby, and my midwife reassured me that it was. She told me that babies won't try to breathe until the air hits their face. I found this to be true, and have since learned that it can take a little longer for babies birthed in the water to start breathing which isn't a concern because the cord will continue to give the baby the oxygen it needs until it breathes on it's own (just like it had oxygen when in the amniotic fluid in the womb).

    My midwife also told me that the water acts as a natural epidural for mum. I definitely found that the water made the pain much more bearable and an added benefit for me was that the warm water helped my perineum to be more relaxed and stretchy as baby was crowning and my water births were the only births where I didn't tear during the birth (the tears I had with other births only required one stitch, which is far better than what most women in the hospital experience).

    Here's a beautiful video of a water birth. If you listen closely you can hear baby start to cry - but it doesn't happen right away. Notice how relaxed this mum is with the whole process.

    Here's a beautiful water birth where Hypno Birthing is used.

    Here's a page with a lot more information on waterbirth. Enjoy looking around the site!

    And by the way, once I experienced a water birth I was completely sold and there was no question that my next births would be water births. I had two water births and they were the fastest, easiest births of all 5.

    Please post back any questions you might have. I love helping women make the best choices for their birth experience.

    Warm regards,


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    Hi Charlotte,

    My antenatal teacher had a lot of experience of water births. She encouraged us to think about things which would relax us in normal life. Many people find these things relaxing: having a warm bath, massage, soft music, soft lighting etc. My antenatal teacher said that it is beneficial to use these same relaxation techniques during labour. The more relaxed you are, the more effective the contractions will be which will result in a quicker labour. Yes, as Kate says, it is a completely safe way to give birth.

    Please do post back if you have any other questions.

    Best wishes,


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    Great insights from LJ. My sister-in-law was at all of my births, and she used to say, "You're such a water girl." I LOVE warm water and laboured in the water with 4 of my 5 babies (#3 came too fast - didn't have time to get in the water).

    I love what LJ said - think of things that relax you, and then use those things during labour.

    Warm regards,


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