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Thread: Planning to have my tooth extracted but I'm breastfeeding

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    Planning to have my tooth extracted but I'm breastfeeding

    Will it be okay to undergo tooth extraction even if you are breastfeeding? I'm a bit skeptical about it because the dentist will probably use medicines which I don't know if it's okay for me to take since I'm breastfeeding. Will it affect my baby if I breastfed him after the process?

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    There are many pain medications that are considered safe for breastfeeding moms and babes. Think of all the pain meds that some women take during the early postpartum period and labor. I think that more harm is likely to occur from neglecting a rotten tooth. You can develop a serious, even life-threatening infection. Furthermore, bacteria from the mouth can and frequently is, passed from mother to baby- putting your child's dental health at risk as well.

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    Hi NewMumAfter7,

    I've been in your shoes, and had to have a tooth extracted when I was breastfeeding my infant. I remember being at a restaurant, and I bit into a piece of soft salmon, and my tooth just crumbled. I immediately contacted my dentist and he said that the tooth needed to come out. (This could have been avoided had I been taking some high quality nutritional supplements before and during my pregnancies).

    I was concerned about the affects of the numbing medication on my baby (what she would get through my breast milk) so I pumped and tossed for 24 hours. I pumped and stored as much as I could before the procedure, and then I breastfed my baby in the parking lot, right before I went in to the dentist's office.

    My husband offered her a bottle after the procedure and she took it better from him than she did from me (if I was holding her, she wanted the breast). I remember that the evening/night was hardest for us, so I ended up pumping, dumping, and then offering an "empty" breast for her to suckle.

    It was only 24 hours and we got through it. Alternatively, I believe that most numbing medications are supposed to be okay for babies, but I just like to avoid as much of that as possible in my children. Ask your dentist if the medication is safe for a breastfeeding mum and see what he/she says.

    You just have to do your best, but it is important to have the tooth extracted as soon as possible if it could be producing bacteria that could cause health problems for you and your baby.

    Hope this helps.

    Warm regards,


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