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Thread: Weaning baby from breastfeeding

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    Weaning baby from breastfeeding

    Hi everyone! Any tips you can give me on how to wean my little one from breastfeeding?

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    Abrupt weaning can cause problems for mom and baby, so ideally you should plan to gently wean over several weeks or months. If you cannot, the process can be sped up, but unless it is an emergency or the baby is very young, I would do it as gently and cautiously as possible.

    Begin by dropping one feed per day. Most women choose to drop the first and last feedings for the final days, since they are the most beloved. Some experienced mothers recommend wearing a thick sweater at night to discourage night nursing, if the baby co-sleeps. Remember, however, that young babies, even some toddlers, need nighttime feedings for development. If this is the case, be prepared to replace nighttime breast feedings with bottle feedings. Having someone beside the mother provide bottle feedings usually helps the process to go more smoothly.

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    Hi Marifi116,

    Thank you for your post. Would you be able to tell us how old your baby is? Was your baby exclusively breastfed? Do you feel your baby is wanting to wean or are there other reasons why you feel this may be the right time? Lots of questions! - but this will help us to reply to your post better.

    Do you feed your baby expressed breast milk from a cup or bottle at all? As this is a good way to continue feeding your baby breast milk whilst giving you a break if you feel you need it. Other family members can also help with this.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi LJ,

    Thank you for taking time looking into my question.

    My son is already 14 months old. I have started mix-feeding him (breastfeeding and bottle feeding) when he was 8 months. I was hoping that after a month or two he would stop feeding from me since I don't have milk anymore and it does hurt now. Also I'm 6-month pregnant that's why I feel I need to discontinue breastfeeding him, after all he's not getting any from. It's more like his pacifier.


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    Hi mom2many,

    Thank you for this tip.

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    Hi Marifi,

    Thank you for your reply.

    Unfortunately many mums do find it uncomfortable to breastfeed when they are pregnant.

    If he is feeding at night-time, you could try giving him a protein rich snack just before he goes to bed (e.g. scrambled eggs on toast). Also, it's a good idea to make sure he is eating plenty in the daytime - you can do this by offering him frequent healthy snacks (e.g. fruit, yoghurt). When you stop breastfeeding, it is important to make sure your toddler is getting enough Calcium - this could be through milk, yoghurt or cheese, for example.

    The No Cry Sleep Solution by Elizabeth Pantley has some excellent gentle suggestions for stopping your child to breastfeed through the night if this is what is happening. For example, by introducing a soft toy which acts as a 'lovey' to comfort the baby and also by having a good bedtime routine.

    I hope some of this helps,

    Best wishes,


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