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    TV Habits of a 4 Year Old


    I have some concerns regarding my 4 year old's tv habits. She is always ready to watch tv or movies. She loves my phone too. But going out, no, she hates to go out. Is there any way i can encourage her to leave the house and also not go to a mall? She doesnt mind the mall, i dont mind them either but i prefer parks. Tell me how i can convince her to come with me to parks.

    What i dont like about TV is that she can sit for hours in front of it doesnt want to budge. I fear for her eye-sight and i dont wish her pick bad habits. I try to keep her TV restricted to DVDs of Pooh Bear, Mickey's Club House and Dora.

    Am i right to be concerned about it, or am i being extra concerned?


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    She is still young enough that you should be in charge of determining much of her daily agenda. For my children, we restrict television viewing to one hour per day. My children have not really come to an age where they show an interest in video games or computers as of yet, but I intend to restrict that as well.

    As for getting more time outdoor, plan fun activities that you can both participate in and take her out. Personally, my kids love being outdoors but they have each other to play with. For an only child, I would imagine coming up with stuff you two can do together that is of interest, like hiking, swimming, playing ball, or strolling. It is good for both of you and will provide healthful entertainment.

    Hope that Helps!

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    I posted this in response to your question in the "Ask A Midwife" area, but I'll post it here as this is a better place for your question :-)

    You are absolutely right to be concerned about how much TV your daughter watches. Educational TV shows can be good at times, but I'd encourage you to limit her TV time to 2 hours a day - 1 hour a day at one time of the day, and 1 hour a day at another time of the day (not 2 hours all at one time). Now that's going to seem really hard, considering that she spends most of her time in front of the TV now, which frees you up to focus on other things.

    By allowing your daughter to spend most of her time in front of the TV each day, you have created an appetite for lots of TV. Now that she has an appetite for lots of TV, it's going to take some creativity and consistency on your part to create an appetite for something healthier (think of going from an appetite for crackers and cookies and creating an appetite for vegetables).

    If you're going to take something away (like lots of TV) you'll want to replace it with something better. So you'll need to create a plan and then stick to it.

    Here are some things you could choose to do with her instead:

    - Bake something together in the kitchen and involve her in all meal preparation.
    - Play a game with her (a card game like "Fish" or "Old Maid", or a board game, etc.)
    - Play tag with her outside. If she learns that tag is fun with mum, then you can offer to take her to the park to play tag. She will likely LOVE the time that you spend playing with her.
    - Read books to her
    - Do art projects with her or have her do 15 minutes of coloring a day, on her own.

    Once your daughter is spending less time in front of the TV at home, it will be MUCH easier to take her to the park. She won't think that the park is boring - the park will seem like a ton of fun. And, of course, you can take some games to the park to play with her. Mummy time is really important for 4 year olds, especially if she is an only child. If you work to turn this around before she turns 5, you'll have a daughter who truly wants to please you and will go with you willingly, even if it's to the park.

    Warm regards,

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    Thank you so much!

    I have restricted her to 2 hours


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    Thank you Kate for such a detailed reply.

    I will definitely take out our soccer ball and pump some air in it. There was a time we used to play everyday with it.

    I have restricted her to 2 hours exactly as you said, one hour in the day time and one hour in the evening time. But its proving a bit hard.

    For now, she believes the TV is too tired to work and cannot perform after one hour so she leaves it alone. Meanwhile i have bought quite a few coloring and painting books. Lets see how it goes.

    Thank you once again!


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    I know it will be hard, initially, but as she joins you in more and more activities during the day, and as she finds contentment in things like drawing pictures and making paper chains, you will have more time to yourself, to get things, done, and your child will become much happier about things like going to the grocery store, or the park, or even just taking a walk with you around the block.

    When she accomplishes something, praise her in order to keep the momentum going in the right direction. If she draws a picture let her know how much you like the colors she chose. Praise goes a long way - try to find things to praise her about all day long.

    You're making good choices and we're here to encourage you!

    Warm regards,


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